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Hotel Channel Manager: Why You Need It and How They Benefit You

Updated: Feb 17


Every property owner's goal is to achieve 100% occupancy. In this competitive race, everyone aims to be present on various distribution platforms such as,,,,, and the list goes on. The biggest challenge property owners face is their struggle to systematically manage these platforms, often resulting in improper inventory status and the inability to offer the best available rates.

In this Blog, we will delve into a tool known as the Hotel Channel Manager and explore why you need it and how it can benefit you.

Why Do You Need a Channel Manager?

Before we answer the question of why you need one, let's first understand what it is!

A Channel Manager is a tool that connects with various systems, such as:

  • Online Travel Agents (e.g.,, Agoda, Expedia, MakeMyTrip, etc.)

  • Property Management Systems / Front Office Software

  • Hotel Brand Websites

Its main objective is to connect with these different systems and either collect or send information.

Since hotels list themselves on multiple platforms to generate more bookings, they often face challenges like:

  • Overbookings

  • Parity Issues (Different rates across OTA's)

  • Manual Updates

The Channel Manager solves all the above issues and acts as a mediator, handling communication automatically on behalf of the hotel. Here are some examples:

  • Automatic Inventory Management: When you receive a booking on any OTA, your inventory is automatically managed and updated across all platforms.

  • One-Click Rate and Inventory Changes: With just one click, you can adjust rates and inventory simultaneously across all platforms.

  • Streamlined Booking Management: You can conveniently view all bookings in a single window, simplifying the process.

  • Reduced Staff Training: Complex connectivity doesn't require extensive staff training, saving time and resources.

A Channel Manager streamlines operations and enhances efficiency for your hotel management across various booking platforms.

How does a Hotel Channel Manager Benefit You

Now, that we have understood how a Hotel Channel Manager works, and why you need it, we will be focusing on what all benefits it has to offer to a property owner. Below are some key points:

  • Visibility: Automated visibility across all platforms, addressing a key reason for OTA registration.

  • Automation: Elimination of the need for constant presence, thanks to automatic availability updates.

  • Time and Effort Savings: Manually managing multiple booking platforms can be time-consuming. A channel manager streamlines the process, saving you time and effort.

  • Reduced Human Errors: Automation reduces the likelihood of human errors in managing bookings, rates, and inventory.

  • Real-time updates for quick and efficient management.

  • Rate Parity: Maintenance of rate parity among connected OTAs, ensuring a positive relationship with the platforms.

  • Centralized Booking Management: You can conveniently manage all your bookings from a single dashboard, improving operational efficiency.

  • Cost Efficiency: While there is a cost associated with using a channel manager, the benefits often outweigh the expenses by increasing revenue and reducing operational overhead.

  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Generate reports on your bookings, revenue, and channel performance to help you make data-driven decisions.

Our team can also assist you in finding the best channel manager that aligns with your requirements and the solutions you may be seeking. Please connect with us via the link below.

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